Hi, we are security professionals from around the world with decades of experience in computer security and encryption software. We have made it our goal to make sure that our hosting service has the best security on the web, so we have hired a team of hackers to constantly try to breach our software. Think about it, for every person out there trying to get access to your data, we have a team of people trying to do the same thing but giving us feedback on how to thwart them. It is called the worldwide web for a reason, and that is because it is all connected.

So think about web hosting and how they all claim to have the best security in the world. Now think about how many web hosting outlets actually have people trying to break their security? Our guess is not many, and even though they may have good security, security that goes by the book and is okay against most threats, your most important information is not being protected in the way it should. That is why combining security with hackers is the way that we believe data can be protected.

Working for you

Your personal information and web data will never be safer than when it is with us. We will work around the clock to make sure that nobody is getting access to your data, and that when it comes to functionality, yes we have that too. We will make sure that your site not only looks great, but protects your information as well.