When it comes to web hosting, there are a number of different sites to choose from and all of them claim to have the best security and functionality in the world. There are so many different sites that may have good security and good web options, but there is only one that will provide you with the absolute best, military grade encryption on the web, and that is us. We are run by former security professionals that have been working in the web security field for a combined 40 years, so we know a thing or two about protecting data. There are so many instances of identity theft going around today that it is crucial to have your data protected no matter how harmless you may think it is to have it exposed.

Identity theft is not something that happens overnight. Someone does not get your entire dossier in one day and proceed to liquidate all of your accounts and assets. It usually works in piece meal fashion where they follow a trail of personal information in order to get what they want. It might start with a few digits of the social security number, a partial credit card number, or even a last name. It will then snowball into more information gathered from various sites and site information until they have what they need to really get to you. We are here to make sure that does not happen.

No matter how unimportant you may think your web data is, it is not. We are here to protect it at all costs and that is why we built this business. Our hosting has all of the web tools that you will need to create the best website from the ground up, but with an emphasis on protecting your data. We will make sure that it is impossible to hack your site or even glean any information about you that you do not want shared. Many people think we are too protective of the data of our customers, but we think that is the type of attitude that gets people’s web identity stolen.

The Fort Knox of the web

When we say that our encryption is unhackable, we absolutely mean it. The reason we know this is because not only do we have a team of security professionals, but we have people that have been trained in breaching software. We essentially hired the enemy to work for us so that we can better understand how they work and how they can be stopped. Using some of the best professional hackers in the wrokd, we have been able to truly create a system that is unlike any other as we find ways to stop people from accessing the data of our customers. In this game of cat and mouse, we are truly ahead of the curve and want to make sure that you are too. So join today and see just how much you can rest assured that your data is secure.